Incredible Pasta Salad: Vegetarian Pasta Salad


My kids love pasta salad, and always request it. This week my daughter, Leigh, and I threw this together. It was so delicious, fresh, healthy and gone in about 10 minutes. The photo got rave reviews on twitter and facebook when I posted it. Everyone was begging for the recipe. Here it is just in time for summer. It’s a cool and light idea when it’s so warm outside. Feel free to add cooked or grilled chicken if you like.

For the Sun-Dried tomatoes, I love “California Sun Dry Tomatoes” that come already julienne- cut.

Low-Fat Panko-Crusted Fish Tacos in Under 30 Minutes


I love fish tacos, and one of my favorites, in town is at the Cantina Restaurant. They have incredible tacos (really everything is great there), and so I thought I would try to match their recipe. OMG good!

This has been an exciting month for me. Probably the most exciting month ever for many reasons. I can’t say too much yet about some of my “big” news. Yesterday was exciting in itself when I got an email saying, “Martha Stewart” is now following you on Twitter“, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Anyway, lots more news to come…Thanks for everyone’s support and all the great emails and kind words.