Thanksgiving Decor 101


Since my expertise is in food and cooking, I sometimes struggle with décor. I want simplicity but beauty in my home during the holidays. All of these favorite ideas are inexpensive, and what I really love about them is that they can involve the kids. Below are some of my favorites.

My Top 5 Quick & Easy Centerpiece Ideas:

1. Decorate the mantel with pinecones, apples and garlands, or branches and leaves. Kids love to go into the yard to search for items of nature and help you incorporate them into the holiday décor.

2. Fill acorns in decorative candleholders surrounding the candles. Kids love to search for acorns and help arrange them.

3. Place gourds or small pumpkins on candlestick pedestals. Involve the kids in helping you display them.

4. Stuff hydrangeas in winter squash. Once you slice the squash, kids love to help remove the seeds and the insides of the squash.

5. Float green apples or pears in water in tall glass vases. Ask your kids to help fill up the vases and put the apples in them. This look is enhanced when the vases are surrounded by votives.

My Top 5 Table-Setting Ideas:

1. Use pears as place card holders with a string attached. Ask your children to help wash and dry the pears to get you started.

2. Tie fresh herbs with string and attach place card holders to them. My kids love tying the strings and helping me organize my herbs.

3. Let your kid’s create pinecone turkeys to put on each plate.

4. Have your children decorate or note cards and glue a fresh leaf to each.

5. Ask your kids to draw their favorite holiday picture, and place it by each person’s plate or napkin.

I feel so fortunate this year to have the incredible opportunity to work with Honeysuckle White and Shady Brook Farms. Hopefully, you can find some inspiration here for your holiday, as well. For more wonderful information, recipes and tips see Honeysuckle White and Shady Brook Farms.

Note: Dishes are from Pier One Imports