Summer Activities and Burning Calories: Fitness Friday

Looking for new ways to burn more calories? Summer is almost gone, but Bob Greene, Oprah’s trainer and founder of “The Best Life”, says, ” If you seize the summer, you can end the season in better shape than you started.” Check out this list of summer activities that Bob suggests to try which will attribute to burning calories. Here are 8 great ideas to help you stay fit just by being outdoors and enjoying what’s left of summertime.

Frisbee—109 Calories: Embrace your inner hippie and get back into the Frisbee-throwing game with some friends (including the four-legged kind).

Bicycling—145 Calories: Go for a spin at a slow to moderate pace on the open road (just be sure to wear your helmet!) Speed up to a fast pace to double your calorie burn.

Paddle boating—145 Calories: This leisure-time activity is more vigorous than you realize.

Badminton—163 Calories: Keep your eye on the birdie and burn calories with this Olympic sport.

Building a sandcastle—181 Calories: Playing in the sand—digging and carrying buckets filled with sand and water offers a pretty good workout.

•Swimming—218 Calories: Jump in for an unstructured swim to burn calories and stay cool. If you swim laps at a leisurely place, you can burn more than 250 calories.

Tennis (singles) – 290: Get that racket out of the back of the closet, and hit the courts for an activity you’ll just love.

Beach volleyball – 290:  You’ll have a lot more fun—and burn a lot more calories—than simply lying under an umbrella.

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Fitness Friday: 10 Reasons to Play Tennis

Since Wimbledon is in full swing, it has made me think a good bit about tennis. A few years ago, I used to play tennis almost every day, and I was involved in several different leagues and even playing various tennis tournaments. It taught me a lot of things about myself, and I thought I would share why it’s such a great sport to try. Here are 10 reasons why you should take up tennis. I have taken a few years hiatus, but hope to one day soon I can play just for fun.

1. It increases your hand eye coordination-This is something we don’t practice as adults unless you take up a racquet sort, golf or something similar.

2. It improves your memory skills-Keeping up with the score, who is serving, and where to stand, can be a challenge to remember. It’s a great brain workout.

3. It’s great exercise-It is a very cardiovascular sport but has a touch of interval training too with a lot of start and stop motion.

4. It’s a great social sport-Playing tennis is a wonderful way to meet new people and make friends. One of my first opponents ever is now one of my good friends.

5. It improves your reflexes-You have to think and act fast. It is one of the few sports that I can say that about.

6. The clothes are so cute-Enough said..

7. It’s a lifetime sport-From child age to seniors, anyone can play throughout their entire lifetime.

8. It’s a great stress reliever-There’s something about hitting that ball that truly lessons stress.

9. It improves your focus-You have to fully concentrate if you want to perform well. It takes your mind off everything else in the world.

10. It’s a blast and so addictive-Once you start playing, you’ll see exactly what I mean

Holiday Fitness Gift Ideas for “Her”

Okay. I am a fitness fanatic. I admit it. I want everything fitness related for my holiday gifts so here is a list of some of my favorites. To start, is this great workout bag called the “Triumphant Tote” from Lululemon. Not only does it fit a 15-inch laptop, but it’s so roomy, cool-looking, has a waterproof outer layer, and an exterior pocket with removable bag for grubby gear (perfect for my cycle shoes and sweaty clothes). $118. I want this in black if anyone is listening…Here are some of my other favorites:

For the Runner: How about this Roga Short for Oiselle. It combines the flattering waist of a yoga short with the technical function of a great running short with a rear zip pocket and moisture protection. $44

For Anyone: The “Energy Bra” by Lululemon, is my newest favorite workout bra. It fits perfectly, is so comfortable and it’s great for any sport as well as hot yoga. I just splurged on this pink one!  $42

For the Runner: I just bought these running tights from Saucony, and they are comfortable, have a reflective stripe for maximum visibility (if you are running early in the morning or late in the day), have a roomy pocket and ankle zippers. $65

For a Challenge: How about a great workout DVD? If you’re looking for a great overall workout that is tough and will tone you up, try my friend, Sandra’s,  Horizontal Conditioning or Boot Camp DVD. $19.99

For Tennis: I love this new Nike Rival Tennis Skirt, part of the Sharapova holiday Dry-fit collection. The fit is awesome. $60

For Yoga: This Burn Out V-Neck from Yoga Fit is so soft and the perfect fit for yoga, running or just lounging at home. I love that their collection is made in in the USA. The yoga posture illustrations on the shirt are too cute.

Tennis Anyone? What Tennis and Love Have in Common

About seven years ago, I learned how to play tennis. My son was taking lessons, and when his friend didn’t come one afternoon, the tennis pro (Bob), asked me to give it a try. He pumped me up telling me that I seemed “like a natural”, and that started the next several years of my tennis addiction. I played almost every day, moved up from level to level, attended two state tournaments, and become a compete tennis fanatic. I loved so many things about playing tennis: meeting new people, making new friends, the competition, the challenge, and honestly, the clothes. I loved playing a team sport which I really never had done when I was young. Tennis gave me a certain confidence, and it helped me focus and exercise my memory. Two years ago, I gave it up for various reasons of family, work and burn-out. Friends and family often ask me, “Will you ever play again?” I hope and think so, but not to the level as before. Tennis is a great sport for so many reasons. I thought I would share why some of my closest friends love this great sport.


Love this quote: “Love is nothing in tennis, but in life it’s everything.” Author Unknown

Stephanie: “It’s therapeutic especially after becoming a first time mom. You get to exercise and have fun at the same time. I have made great friends through tennis.”

Nancy: “Tennis is a great weight bearing exercise that uses muscles I don’t use every day. It’s very social. It’s a great way to meet people, talk and exercise all at the same time. The clothes are so cute.”

Amy: “I love tennis for the exercise, camaraderie, competition. I can play as I age, and there’s always room to improve.”

Steven: “I enjoy the competition, strategy and friendships I have made.”

Vanessa: “I love to have a little competition in my life. It’s pure fun.”

Megan: “I LOVE tennis because it is exercise that doesn’t feel like it. It can be competitive or not.”

Jon: “Tennis is competitive and strategic. It helps you think on your feet. It releases aggression, and it helps with coordination.”

Heidi: “Tennis is a great life sport. I love it for the exercise and camaraderie.

Angie: “Tennis gives me a great sense of accomplishment when I play well. It is great exercise, and I have made great friendships through tennis.”

The shirts at the top and bottom can be found at Cafe Press. The middle shirt is from Love All

Need a Getaway? Rosemary Beach, Florida

Last week I went on my first nonworking vacation in a long time. I chose one of my favorite spots to take the kids: Rosemary Beach, Florida. It’s a spectacular community that is great for anyone: families, couples, girls trips, guys trips and retired people. The town is adorable, filled with cool architecture, eclectic shops, galleries and wonderful restaurants. Can you say white sand? It’s breathtaking.

From the shopping to the food, there is something for everyone. I couldn’t include them all,  but I thought I would share a few. Gigi’s is an adorable spot with incredible unique toys and baby clothes.

The restaurants in Rosemary are fantastic and diverse. They really have covered the bases: family-friendly restaurants, casual dining, tapas and chocolate fare to fine dining. One of our child-friendly favorites is Cowgirl Kitchen which serves anything from nachos to healthy salads and great pizza (ideal for kids).

My favorite adult restaurant is Restaurant Paradis which has anything from Oysters Rockefeller to the best Ahi Tuna I have ever had. It’s romantic, fresh and divine all in one.

The kids have plenty to do in Rosemary Beach from pools to awesome beaches and plenty of bike riding. Rosemary even has a well organized kid’s camp to give parents a break. Mine were particularly fond of the very famous Sugar Shack and newer New Orleans Snow Balls where they had so many incredible flavors (even pomegranate).

Leigh enjoyed it just slightly. That smile never lies…

Rosemary’s newest addition happened to be one of our favorites. The Hidden Lantern is an old-time English style book store. The layout and books are amazing. Honestly, you could sit and read all day long.

The book store has children’s events for different ages, and a great spot for other events as well. We bought three books and one card as gifts, and we almost didn’t make it out to the beach the morning we stopped in there.

What I really love about Rosemary is that when you come, you really don’t need to leave very often. With great running paths and trails, tennis courts, pools, great workout facilities, Aveda Spa and more, everything is so close and easy to get to (no car needed). Bike riding is huge, and I love this shot of all the bikes parked one morning right in front of the beach walkway.

I highly recommend a vacation at Rosemary Beach. It was a wonderful getaway.

Rosemary has a lot of great events coming up including Rosemary Uncorked in October, writing festivals, girls getaways and more. For more information see Rosemary, see