Sweet Tea Pumpkin Bread

Sweet Tea Pumpkin Bread

I am so ready for fall! I already made my first pumpkin bread last week, and I tried something new and used Milo’s Sweet Tea (our favorite) instead of oil. This Sweet Tea Pumpkin Bread came out fabulous! What I love about this recipe, besides the wonderful taste and moist texture, is that there no need fro a mixer. You add all of the ingredients in one bowl and stir. Get the kids involved and let them help you measure and stir the batter. This recipe also makes a perfect fall or holiday gift! Enjoy and here’s to fall weather coming soon!

Milo’s Sweet Tea Granita Recipe

sweet tea granita

For the first official week of summer, I thought I would celebrate with this Milo’s Sweet Tea Granita Recipe. It’s cool, refreshing and made with one of my favorite brands: Milo’s. I grew up Birmingham, Alabama drinking Milo’s TeaMilo’s is a local, family owned company which started in 1946. I was lucky because this is the best sweet tea you’ll ever find. My family loved Milo’s Tea, and it was a staple in our refrigerator. My kids are huge fans of Milo’s, and now they get to grow up with even more Milo’s to choose from (see below).

Milo's prodcuts

What I love about Milo’s drinks are that all of the products are made from high quality ingredients. The teas are brewed with just two ingredients (Filtered Water and Custom Blended Teas) and are unsweet or sweetened with Pure Cane Sugar or Splenda. They never use preservatives or additives. With your first sip you will taste the Milo’s difference. In late April this year Milo’s Tea Company  introduced three new products to meet the growing demand of consumers who want more Milo’s drinks: Milo’s Decaf Sweet Tea, Milo’s Lemonade, and Milo’s Famous Sweet Tea and Lemonade. The granita recipe (above) works fabulous with the lemonade too!  These new items rolled out into select retailers across the southeast. A list of retailers carrying the Milo’s new items can be found at drinkmilos.com/new. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked!

Milo's Sweet Tea Lemondade

The popularity of Milo’s has spread nationwide, and now for the first time Milo’s Famous Sweet Tea, No Calorie Tea with Splenda, and Unsweet Teas are available in 38 states. Our All-Natural Teas have expanded into 1700 Walmart stores across 20 states. People in California, Alaska, Texas, Arizona, and more are loving Milo’s teas, and they are finally understanding why southerners are so passionate about sweet tea. To find the retail location nearest you with Milo’s Tea, please use the Store Locator. Also, follow Milo’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  Try it and let me know what you think! Cheers for the first week of summer! 🙂

Milo's tea

Zachary Milo's sweet tea lemonade