Is Cardio Drumming the New Travel Workout Trend?

cardio drumming

Have you heard of Cardio Drumming? From Wisconsin to Mexico, I continue to see this new workout trend in some of the greatest high-end spa resorts. Check some of my favorites:

1. Here’s what Grand Geneva  in Wisconsin is drumming up:

To spice up workout routines, Grand Geneva has added POUND®  classes to their workout schedule. POUND® / Fit Ball fuses the most challenging series of core, leg and upper body conditioning moves with cardio interval training, and most importantly – fun. During this class, guests will use the fit ball as a large drum, using a set of fit sticks to turn into a calorie-torching drummer – pounding off the pounds as each song flies by. Grand Geneva also offers Body Pump, Cycling, Tabata, Piloxing, Zumba, Step Hit Up, CariOMG and Aqua classes.

2. If you head to Mexico, you’ll also dance to the beat of your own drum at Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico:

A Ranch favorite, Cardio Drumming is an upbeat, fun workout that has fitness goers burning calories by using drum sticks and workout balls, as they sweat it out during a choreographed dance routine. Guests get a full workout as they pound out a beat and find their rhythm to the high-energy mix. No drumming experience necessary.

3. Try Drums Alive at Red Mountain Resort in Saint George, Utah:

This rhythmic, cardiovascular workout is also a powerful stress reducer. It’a total blast!

4. Don’t miss Cardio Drumming at Miraval Resort in Tuscon, Arizona:

This heart-pounding fitness class gets you moving to a beat you may have not known is inside you. This class uses principles from movement therapy, music and sound therapy, fitness and rhythmic education for a mind and body workout you won’t forget.