Holiday Fitness Gifts for “Him”

For Any Athlete: The Bose IE2 earphones. They may be pricier, but users say, “They are worth every penny.”  There is no contest on sound quality versus other earphones. Under $90

For the Trail Runner: The Solomon XR Crossmax shoes were recommended to me by a triathlete who swears by them. He says, “They are durable, comfortable, drain water well and have a great tread/grip.”

For The Skier: I’m a longtime fan of anything Patagonia, and these awesome Patagonia Slim Powder Bowl Pants are built from the best breathable and waterproof construction for all conditions. $299

For The Bicyclist: These storm Gloves from Craft are wind protective and warm. They have a gel palm padding, silicon grips, and reflective details-perfect for safety when biking. About $60

For Any Athlete: I did some research and found that the Polar RCX5 appeared to be a top-pick for heart-rate monitor/watch. It’s designed for runners, cyclists and triathletes. It has a GPS system and keeps up with heart rate, speed, distance, pace and lap information. What more could you want? Under $310

For Any Athlete: Who doesn’t need more socks? Feetures socks are highly recommended with testimonials one after the other stating their greatness. These socks are designed for athletes who prefer cushioned protection with every step they take. They feature an enhanced fit, delivering maximum protection to prevent against blisters, keep the feet dry and odor-free, and they provide extra protection in high impact areas of the foot. Under $15

For the Runner: Made of a stainless steal plate and silicon band, these runner ID bracelets, from Go Sport ID, display emergency contact information in case of an accident. These safety bracelets are perfect for men, women and teen runners. $18.95