Pomegranate Thanksgiving Cocktail

Harvest Sunset Thanksgiving Cocktail

Refresh your palette this Thanksgiving with LO Fruit Beverage’s easy-to-make, 38 calorie cocktail, Pomegranate Thanksgiving Cocktail. Serve up this seasonal mocktail that has only 2 ingredients. From the tart tasty grapefruit juice to the sweetness of pomegranate, this cocktail will compliment all of your decadent Thanksgiving dishes. One ten ounce serving of LO Fruit Beverage contains the same amount of calories (35 – 45), carbs (8 – 11 grams), and sugars (7 – 10 grams) as found in one whole fruit. Additionally, LO Fruit Beverage is a certified low GI (glycemic index) product, as clinically test by Glycemic Index Laboratories, kosher, vegan, and gluten free.  LO Fruit Beverages are available at natural foods and specialty grocers across the U.S. such as Walgreens, Meijer, A&P, H-E-B, Rite Aid stores and online. Look for it in your Chilled Juice Aisle at your local grocery stores.