5 Tips to Handle Stress

Whether it’s family or work, life can be stressful no matter what stage you are in. Being that I am a single mom of three active children and experiencing the everyday challenges of living with an ill parent, I have been searching for various ways to help me relax. Below are a few of my favorite tips that have helped to relieve my stress. If you have any others, please share!

1.    Identify the problem: Ask yourself what is triggering your anxiety and write down possible solutions for each. Having a list in front of you will help you understand and identify the issue.

2.    Exercise regularly: Even if it is taking a walk with a friend, stay active! Head to the gym and try a Pilates or yoga class. These classes teach various ways to meditate, while helping loosen tight muscles and facilitate deeper breathing.

3.    Get some rest: Sleep helps your body replenish. Try going to bed even 30 minutes earlier, you’ll be able to handle stress better if you’re well-rested and nourished.

4.    Travel: If possible, plan a getaway and take some personal downtime in a new setting. Even staying with a friend or family for a night can help give you a new perspective on things and give your mind a night off from stress. Or, make it a family trip and spend some time with your loved ones! If you’re traveling with kids, check out my tips on how to make your vacation stress-free here.

5.    Do what you love: Read a good book, see a movie, go get your nails done or simply watch your favorite show. Make time for a favorite activity at least once a week to help take your mind off your problems and put a smile on your face!

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7 Best Things To Do on Your Lunch Break

I have had own company, Ingredients, Inc. for 11 years, and it has taken me this long to figure out the things I should be doing on my lunch break. I used to spend my lunch break eating and working at my desk or else just skip it all together and keep working. Then, I started a trend of spending my lunch breaks on the computer looking at blogs, Facebook, twitter, etc.  Finally I realized that taking time in the middle of the day for “me”  is essential to reenergize for the rest of the day.

Here are 7 best things to do on your lunch break. Whether you work at home or not, I think all of these should apply. Leave me a comment telling me what is your favorite thing to do on your lunch break.

1. Detach and unplug-Try not to check email and stay off social media. Give yourself an hour off and away from the internet.

2. Exercise-Go workout, head the the gym, or go lift weights. You’ll have more energy and refresh your mind at the same time.

3. Get outside-Go for a run, walk, place tennis with a friend or even eat outdoors. It will give you a great a fresh break, and you’ll be even more creative or productive later.

4. Have lunch with a friend-When I go to lunch with friends it gives me adult time and a mental break from my work.

5. Eat with your kids-It’s always fun to surprise your kids at school. They love when I bring them lunch (although it is not often enough), and it’s always fun to sit with them and their friends.

6. Read a book or magazine-A friend of mine always says she reads a fiction book during lunch. This sounds so relaxing. Lunch time is also a great time to catch up on your favorite magazines.

7. Have a picnic-Pick up your favorite lunch item (salad or sushi) or make your own sandwiches and head to the nearest park. It turns an ordinary day into something fabulous!

8. Take a yoga Class-One of my favorite things to do during lunch is yoga. Find a class near you. You will fall in love with it, I promise.

31 Things My Mom Taught Me

I guess one thing fabulous about having a blog is that I get to write what I want whenever I want. Sometimes writing can be therapeutic. As many of you know, my mom passed away on Friday, and the funeral was Sunday. Thank you for everyone’s incredible support. I thought I would share 31 things my mother taught me. I love you mom, and I hope you are in a peaceful, magical place.

31 Things My Mom Taught Me:

1. Family always comes first.

2. Travel as often as you can.

3. It’s hard to say no to your kids. Sometimes that is just okay.

4. Always have proper manners.

5. Dress for success.

6. Spend one-on-one time with your kids.

7. Take family vacations.

8. Fall in love with fashion

9. You can never have enough shoes.

10. You can never have enough purses.

11. You can never have too many clothes.

12. Getting your nails done every week is a wonderful thing.

13. Enjoy “me” time and get massages and facials as often as possible.

14. Having a professional do your hair from time to time is not a crime.

15. Exude great energy.

16. Follow your passions.

17. Be a person of great character.

18. Mountain Brook is a fabulous place to live, raise a family, eat and shop.

19. The best material gift for a woman is always jewelry.

20. Flowers always make the home brighter.

21. If you want it, find a way to get it.

22. Find friends you can count on.

23. Cleaning is not our “strong” suit.

24. Diamonds truly are forever.

25. Eating out is a luxury and always fun.

26. There is an incredible art to gift giving.

27. When you throw a party, go all out.

28. Be your children’s best friend.

29. Keep a comfortable, warm home.

30. Live every day to the fullest.

31. You are fortunate if you have a large family.

(photo above) My mom’s daughters and granddaughters.

Peppermint Milkshakes: Only 3 Ingredients

I first made this recipe for Peppermint Milkshakes on my blog in December of 2008 when I literally threw three ingredients together in a blender for my kids instead of taking them to get peppermint ice cream. Since then, I have been making these religiously for parties and for my 3 kids. It has been one of the most heavenly requested recipes from my children’s friends who have come to my house and tried them. Whenever I’m invited to a holiday party, I typically get asked to make these. This past sunday night, I made them for 28 people, and it was beyond an absolute hit. So many requested me to post the infamous recipe one more time so they can make them for their family Christmas events. Here it is…Enjoy!

Great Family Healthy Site & Sports Authority $100 Giveaway: Together Counts

Being a full-time working mom with 3 kids isn’t always easy. I am very fortunate that my company, daily work and passion revolves around food, health and lifestyle. I am so excited to be a part of the Together Counts campaign asking families across the country to take a pledge to get healthy and active. Together Counts believes that the most powerful way of gaining a healthy lifestyle is by working together as a family. Eating meals together as well as being physically active together can only make families healthier and happier.


The Together Counts program empowers families and helps them balance and learn lifelong healthy habits. Just go on the website and take a pledge of how many meals you will eat together as a family and the amount of physical exercise you will do as a family. Teamwork is the theme. This site really helps keep you on track.


As part of this campaign, I would like to offer $100 gift card to Sports Authority to one lucky winner.  This giveaway is sponsored by Together Counts. Just take the pledge on Together Counts and leave a comment of your favorite way to exercise as a family or your favorite healthy family dinner. Winner will be drawn on Friday, May 27th.

Note: I was compensated for my participation in the Together Counts campaign. The giveaway was sponsored by Together Counts. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.