Cozy Up with Peppermint Hot Chocolate

It has been so cold outside lately, so my kids have been requesting hot chocolate. Since I had some peppermint sticks on hand, I crushed them up and made this really simple Peppermint Hot Chocolate mixture. They were ecstatic, and this has been a weekly beverage. I used skim milk in my recipe because that is what we drink at my house to reduce the calories and fat a bit. Enjoy this cozy beverage just in time for the holidays.

Winter Warm Up: Easy and Low-Fat Hot Chocolate


It’s so cold in the deep south, and I can’t wait until it warms up. I have missed running, tennis, and my kids miss playing outdoors. We drink a lot of hot apple cider and hot chocolate around my house lately. This Low-Fat Hot Chocolate recipe is great and really simple to make. Feel free to add cinnamon, coffee or any of your favorite liqueurs such as Baileys or Kahlua.