Simple and Warm Comfort Food: Easy Pot Roast


Some of my friends were telling me that they were scared to make pot roast. I told them it’s really one of the easiest things to make and is such a crowd pleaser (not to mention the kitchen will smell divine). I love to make this recipe because it feeds a crowd if we have company, and if not, we have leftovers. There’s nothing greater and comforting when the weather is so cold.

Classic Shrimp wtih Cocktail Sauce in Under 20 Minutes


Now that summer is here, so many friends ask me what can they easily prepare while they’re vacationing at the lake or beach, or even just relaxing at home. I can creatively come up with hundreds of recipes, but why not go back to the basics and serve Classic Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce. This recipe is a cinch, and adults and kids always love it. Its a great way to serve a healthy protein appetizer or serve with a salad for dinnertime. If you don’t have time to prepare homeade cocktail sauce, I love Fresh Market’s brand cocktail sauce.