Mushrooms at California Pizza Kitchen

Did you know that mushrooms are only source of vitamin D in the produce aisle? Luckily, my 3 kids and I love mushrooms, and they are adventurous eaters. They are truly willing to try almost anything, especially with mushrooms. Last week we dined at  California Pizza Kitchen, and we were so thrilled to see the new menu items with mushrooms such as the Shaved Mushroom and Spinach California Flatbread with Cremini mushrooms (see photo below) with sautéed spinach, California olive oil with Romano and Parmesan cheese. Also, we loved the Gluten-Free Mushroom Pepperoni Sausage Pizza (see photo above) with Cremini mushrooms, rustic pepperoni, mushrooms, spicy Italian sausage, torn basil, Mozzarella and wild oregano. We could not taste the difference in the gluten-free pizza crust (there was not one piece leftover). If you’re a mushroom lover, they also have Mediterranean Spring Rolls and, of course, regular mushrooms pizza. Read on for some important reasons to eat more mushrooms…

Why to eat more mushrooms:

1. Mushrooms are hearty and filling. Research suggests that increasing the intake of low-energy-density foods (meaning few calories given the volume of food), specifically mushrooms, in place of high-energy-density foods, like lean ground beef, can be an effective method for reducing daily energy and fat intake while still feeling full and satiated after a meal.

2. Mushrooms are the leading source of the essential antioxidant selenium in the produce aisle. Antioxidants, like selenium, protect body cells from damage that might lead to chronic diseases and help strengthen the immune system

3. Mushrooms are a good source of B vitamins. B vitamins include riboflavin, niacin, and pantothenic acid, which help to provide energy by breaking down proteins, fats and carbohydrates. They also play an important role in the nervous system.

4. Mushroom contain potassium. Potassium is an important mineral that many people do not get enough of. It aids in the maintenance of normal fluid and mineral balance, which helps control blood pressure.

5. Like all fruits and vegetables, mushrooms are naturally gluten free. Mushrooms are low in calorie, low in fat, low in sodium and naturally gluten-free.

This post is sponsored by Mushroom Council, but all opinions are my own.