Sparkling Shamrock Cocktail

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Are you having a St. Patrick’s Day party or just in need of a super easy cocktail recipes? This Sparkling Shamrock Cocktail is too easy for words, made with Sparkling IceĀ , rum, lime and fresh mint. With only 4 ingredients, this cocktail can be made in minutes. Multiply the recipe if you want to make a pitcher… any amount works great! You will be prepared on March 17th, and this makes a great spring and summertime cocktail, perfect for sunny, warmer weather.


Sparkling Shamrock Cocktail

Prep Times:

5 minutes


1 serving


5 oz. Lemon Lime Sparkling ICE
1 oz. Bacardi Light Rum
6 fresh mint leaves lightly muddled
Lime wedges


1. Combine all ingredients into a chilled tall glass with ice; shake well and garnish with a lime slice.

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