Beach Breeze Cocktail

Beach Breeze Cocktail

It is already super hot in Birmingham but this Saturday, why not celebrate the first day of summer with a low-calorie cocktail? This Beach Breeze Cocktail is so easy to make – with minimal ingredients required. It’s great for toasting to warm weather, poolside parties and fun summer adventures ahead. It is as good as it looks and is fabulous to beat the heat of summer! Enjoy and happy summer!

Beach Breeze Cocktail

Prep Times:

10 minutes


1 serving


3 ounces VOGA Italia Sparkling
.75 ounces strawberry liqueur
2 ounces strawberry puree
0.5 ounce fresh lemon Juice
1.5 teaspoon sugar
Mint leaves for garnish


1. Combine VOGA Italia Sparkling, strawberry liqueur, strawberry puree, lemon juice and sugar in a glass. Stir and garnish with mint.

4 thoughts on “Beach Breeze Cocktail”

  1. What a refreshing drink idea!!! Can’t wait to get the stuff to make them this weekend.
    As usual a HOMERUN by Alison

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