6 Ways to Incorporate Fitness in Your Day

We all know that getting to the gym before or after a long day at the office is tough, so how about incorporating fitness and health into your work day. Here are 6 great tips from “Fitness 9 to 5”

1. Say “no” to slouch. Sit up at your desk with good posture, your core muscles to keep your back long and tall. Train your abs all day long by simply being mindful of your posture. Sit on a medicine ball at your desk if you really want to tuck the core in.

2. Take stairs whenever possible. If you don’t have time to walk up multiple flights of stairs or your office is too high, simply get off the elevator one flight below your destination and walk up the extra flight. Or, if walking up is too strenuous, start by going one floor higher and walking down.

3. Stand whenever possible. Simply standing burns double the calories of sitting. And, if you pace or step side to side, now you’ve increased your energy burn by 3 to 4 times.

4. Do a set of 10 to 15 push-ups against the sink in the restroom or against the wall in your office.

5. When you go to sit in your chair, instead of sitting immediately do a set of 10 squats Or, if time is an issue, simply do one squat. In other words, lower your hips to your chair stand up again and then sit. This is a fantastic functional exercise that will keep your legs strong into old age.

6. Do one stretch every hour while seated at your desk. You can do a cat stretch for your back, shoulder shrugs for the neck and shoulders, neck rolls for your neck, seated twist for the spine, place one ankle on the opposite thigh for a deep nip stretch, extend your heel forward with leg straight while sitting at the edge of your chair to stretch your hamstrings.

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Photo of stability ball from Chicago Now

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