Citrus Apple Sparkler: Kid Friendly

With Thanksgiving coming up, I thought i would share a easy 2 ingredient festive recipe for the kids and adults. Enjoy this Citrus Apple Sparkler recipe made with my daughter’s favorite  Sparkling ICE, a zero-calorie, naturally flavored sparkling water. It’s so easy and so good! Pretty too!

Citrus Apple Sparkler:

Prep Times:

10 minutes


2 servings


3 ounces crisp Apple Sparkling ICE
1 apple, sliced into pieces


1. Pour crisp Apple Sparkling ICE into a glass.

2. Cut 1/2 apple in cubes, and the other ½ into slices. Put a toothpick through the slices and place both cubes and slices into the glass for a fun fruity finish

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