Fashionable Water Bottle Giveaway: Fitness Friday

I am super excited about my Giveaway today for Friday Fitness for these hip and cool water bottles by SIGG in bold and daring colors. The bright colors aren’t the only new element for SIGG – these bottles also encompass a matte texture finish and the classic screw top gets a fresh look in pure white. To enter, just leave a comment telling me which color is your favorite or what’s your latest favorite workout! For more chances to win, do a comment for the following and leave a comment for each telling me you did. Winner will be drawn on Friday, October 4th at 8 a.m. Good luck!

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27 thoughts on “Fashionable Water Bottle Giveaway: Fitness Friday”

  1. It’s hard to follow Thelma! – so proud of us women when make it through Breast Cancer, as my mother and I both have – and I love the bright pink as well. But, I think I have to go with Yellow – because it reminds me of sunshine and let’s face it, I need to be able to find it in the dark for those early morning workouts in the winter!! Loving spin classes right now and becoming more comfortable with Bikram… Thanks Alison!

  2. I would totally love it if they actually came in the three colours all blended together like the font in the words neon pink – but if I had to choose one colour it would be yellow – it makes me feel alive. I am a survivor of n aggressive ovarian cancer – 8 years now – and I love to see the sunrise over the ocean on my way home from the gym – it feels so good. Right now I am enjoying supersetting exercises with free weights and improving on my intervals on the spin bike cranked up really high like I’m climbing a steep steep hill. Liked on facebook and also pinterest. Thanks so much !

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  4. I love the first, bright yellow one. I’ve been a runner and cyclist for a long time, but this summer I discovered H.I.I.T, which is adding variety to my workout routine and working muscled I’d forgotten about…

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