10 Best Passover Desserts

I can’t believe that Passover starts on Monday night. I have been receiving a bunch of emails asking me for Passover recipes and ideas. I thought I would share 10 Passover desserts that I really like and are unique. I will start with my Passover Granola which is actually snack, dessert or breakfast, but it’s still sweet goodness that the entire family will love. Hope you enjoy and have a great Passover if you are celebrating this year!

Matzo Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Cake via Martha Stewart

Crunchy Pecan Cookies via Gourmet

Mandel Bread via Ingredients, Inc.

Too Good to be Called Passover Cake via Recipe.com

Chocolate Souffle Cookies via Fine Cooking 

Charoset Truffles via Mac & Cheese

Dark Chocolate Cranberry Orange Matzo Bark via Jelly Toast

Walnut Date Torte via Gourmet

Gluten Free Passover Chocolate Pistachio Cake via Urban Baker

10 thoughts on “10 Best Passover Desserts”

  1. What a great round-up, Alison. I have just completed my passover menu and oddly, I am looking forward to it! Thanks for including me in this great group of top 10’s!! Happy Pesach to you and your family and may Passover bring lots of new beginnings to you. x

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