National Margarita Day: The Partida Margarita

Guess what today is?  National Margarita Day! While not an official holiday, Barman “Willie” deserves a drink in his honor after creating the first official Margarita around 1934 in Mexico City. This is as good as any reason to enjoy this Partida Margarita cocktail. This recipe is super, using the world’s top-rated tequila, It also has fewer calories than traditional margaritas. Tequila Partida is actually made from 100% blue agave in the heart of Mexico’s historic Tequila region. Check it out.  Happy Margarita Day!

The Partida Margarita

Prep Times:

10 minutes


1 serving


1½ ounces Partida Tequila (Blanco or Reposado)
1 ounce fresh squeezed lime juice (1 lime)
3/4 ounces Agave Nectar (try Partida agave)
3/4 ounces pure water


1. Shake all ingredients with ice in standard bar shaker. Add additional lime juice if you prefer more tartness; add more agave nectar for more sweetness. Serve in glass on rocks. No garnish, no salt.

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