Yoga DVD Giveaway: Fitness Friday

For today’s “Fitness Friday”, I have a great yoga DVD Giveaway! This is the first workout from the female co-host of the Emmy® Award-winning series The Doctors, Dr. Lisa: Yoga Blast features three total-body yoga workouts with blasts of strength and cardio. As a busy doctor, TV host, and author, Dr. Lisa Masterson knows a thing or two about staying healthy and fitting exercise into a busy schedule; that’s why she designed these efficient 20-minute workouts alongside nationally certified instructor Elise Joan, with lively dance moves, empowering strength exercises, and invigorating stretches to suit any lifestyle. Following a doctor’s orders has never been so much fun! Enjoy this fun, yoga DVD just in time for the holidays! To enter, leave a comment telling me if you do yoga and what type of yoga you enjoy. Winner will be drawn on January 2nd at 8 a.m CST.

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28 thoughts on “Yoga DVD Giveaway: Fitness Friday”

  1. Hi! I’d love to be entered for this DVD. I have only tried yoga a few times at my gym and always felt like I didn’t know what I was doing, so I didn’t go back. Maybe a DVD is a good way for me to learn some moves in privacy so I feel more comfortable in a class?

  2. I do not do Yoga, but I have heard about all the wonderful benefits, and have wanted to try it. This would be a great workout to start. 2013 is the year for improvement, and I need all the help I can get.

  3. I don’t do too much yoga, but trying to get into it more. For me, it’s all about the teacher. The last time I did yoga, the teacher was awesome and made me feel like it was something I could do!

  4. I do not do Yoga but need to start. I just found out I have osteoarthritis in my ankle…No more hard jumping workouts for me. 🙁

  5. Love yoga in the winter… nice little workout without having to leave the house! I try to mix it up and do a few different dvds. I am looking for a new one!

  6. A long long time ago (before I had kids) in a land far far away (Boca Raton, FL) I attended yoga class. Not so much anymore! I would love to win this- thanks!

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