7 Must Do’s in Bermuda

Bermuda has been on my bucket list for over 20 years, so when I had the opportunity to go to Bermuda to check out their famous “Cup Match”, I jumped at the chance. It was no surprise that when our plane got low enough, everyone was saying, “OMG, OMG” and clapping. It is breathtaking! I thought I would share my 7 Must Do’s in Bermuda. I know there is so much more, but here’s my recap of my 3 night stay.

1. Bermuda Must Do: CUP MATCH: “Cup Match” is a public holiday unique to the island of Bermuda the last Thursday and Friday before the first Monday in August each year, and it is a time in which the community enjoys a two day celebration of camping, boating, swimming and most importantly, cricket. Cup Match is so much more than cricket. It celebrates “Emancipation Day”, the emancipation of slavery which symbolizes one of the most significant moments in Bermuda’s history. It is a time for reflection and rejoicing, reggae bands, Beachfest, parties, barbecues and celebrations with friends. Beachfest is a two day beach party (the same two days of Cup Match) that takes place at Horseshoe Bay ever year. The largest majority of the people in Bermuda are at the game (whether at St. Georges Cricket Club or Somerset Cricket Club), or at Beachfest, during Cup Match. Every year, before the start of the Cup Match holiday, rival fans can be seen sporting their team’s colors – red and navy for Somerset and pale blue and dark blue for St George’s in preparation for the big event. It is an event not to be missed. If you’re thinking of visiting Bermuda next year, check into experiencing this in August 2013.

2. Bermuda Must Do: HORSESHOE BAY:  If you get to Bermuda, you must go to one of the most famous beaches in the world, Horseshoe Bay in the parish of Southhampton. Its pink sand is shaped like a horseshoe, and it honestly does not look real. The word “breathtaking” does not even cover it. You must see this in person to believe it.

3. Bermuda Must Do: SHOPPING: Downtown Hamilton has fabulous shopping including fashion, linens, liquor, jewelry, sporting goods, biking and more. Not only is the shopping wonderful, but you can’t help being wide-eyed looking at the pastel buildings on one side of the street and incredible waters on the other. This is also a great place to go running and cycling with sidewalks lining the streets.

4. Bermuda Must Do: BOATING: Bermuda is stunning everywhere you turn. Just go for a walk or downtown, and you will be in awe. Sunsets tell it all like this one taken from an evening “Sunset Catamaran Cruise”, a great thing to do at night (even with the kids). You’ll see memorable sights, get a constellation lesson and even dance on the top deck with other tourists and locals while everyone on the island waves at you as you pass them by.

5. Bermuda Must Do: ENJOY LOCAL FOOD & DRINKS: When you go to Bermuda, you must try a “Dark and Stormy” (a mix of Bermuda’s local rum and local ginger beer with a lime) and a “Swizzle”, a rum based cocktail often called Bermuda’s “national drink” filled with Bermuda rum, fresh fruit juices, and occasionally, bitters. Check out the famous Bermuda pub Swizzle Inn,  a local favorite for a relaxed lunch or dinner. The Swizzle drinks there rock!

6. Bermuda Must Do: CHECK OUT FAIRMONT RESORTS: The Fairmont Hamilton is one of the first fairmont hotels in the world. Class just doesn’t cover the grounds, service, food and location of this downtown property, perfect for travelers and those who want a relaxed Bermuda experience. The Fairmont Southhampton Bermuda Resort Princess is just a 20 minute ferry away (free if you’re staying at the resort)  and provides an amazing beach, pools, full service Willow Stream Spa, the Fairmont Southhampton Golf Course, tennis and more. Their kids camp takes kids on a tour of what living a Bermudian lifestyle is like.

7. Bermuda Must Do: GET TO KNOW THE LOCALS: There is a reason that 85% of tourists that come to Bermuda are repeat visitors. It is not only because this is such a beautiful island, but it’s because of the Bermudian people. When you go to Bermuda, you must get to know the people. They are warm, happy, funny and generous. It’s a safe island where Bermudians make tourists feel like a guest in their homes. They hug you, and you can’t wait to hug them back. I love y’all Kevin and Tina (pictured below) :).

Photo (above) via Rebecca Prusinowski

22 thoughts on “7 Must Do’s in Bermuda”

  1. I went there on my honeymoon, and it is a wonderful place. What I remember most is how lovely the locals were. Great recap as always

  2. I saw your pictures on instagram all weekend. I called Delta and am figuring out a trip. Thanks for these recommendations!

  3. Alison this looks like a blast! I want to do all of these things so looks like an August trip is in order in 2013. Thanks for sharing

  4. Just a note, that Cup Match is always celebrated the last Thursday and Friday before the 1st Monday in August, therefore sometimes it falls at the end of July.

  5. hey, im bermudian and am thrilled to see such a wonderful write up about my country 🙂
    just wanted to clarify something….cup match is either the last thursday and friday in july or the first thursday and friday in august…it changes every year so check the dates before you try to book!

  6. Thanks for making my mind up on my next trip. Your pictures and write up are so persuasive. The water is so blue and beautiful it just jumps off the screen. 

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