Fitness Friday: 10 Reasons to Play Tennis

Since Wimbledon is in full swing, it has made me think a good bit about tennis. A few years ago, I used to play tennis almost every day, and I was involved in several different leagues and even playing various tennis tournaments. It taught me a lot of things about myself, and I thought I would share why it’s such a great sport to try. Here are 10 reasons why you should take up tennis. I have taken a few years hiatus, but hope to one day soon I can play just for fun.

1. It increases your hand eye coordination-This is something we don’t practice as adults unless you take up a racquet sort, golf or something similar.

2. It improves your memory skills-Keeping up with the score, who is serving, and where to stand, can be a challenge to remember. It’s a great brain workout.

3. It’s great exercise-It is a very cardiovascular sport but has a touch of interval training too with a lot of start and stop motion.

4. It’s a great social sport-Playing tennis is a wonderful way to meet new people and make friends. One of my first opponents ever is now one of my good friends.

5. It improves your reflexes-You have to think and act fast. It is one of the few sports that I can say that about.

6. The clothes are so cute-Enough said..

7. It’s a lifetime sport-From child age to seniors, anyone can play throughout their entire lifetime.

8. It’s a great stress reliever-There’s something about hitting that ball that truly lessons stress.

9. It improves your focus-You have to fully concentrate if you want to perform well. It takes your mind off everything else in the world.

10. It’s a blast and so addictive-Once you start playing, you’ll see exactly what I mean

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