Rhubarb-Carrot Juice

Rhubarb looks a bit like red celery, but it’s actually a member of the fruit family. Juicing is a great way to take in valuable nutrients without having your body word hard to break down the fibers. It’s high in many vitamins such as calcium, vitamin K and Lutein, a natural antioxidant that’s great for healthy eyes and skin. When you “juice” fruits and vegetables, the food value is readily available to your body in larger quantities than when you eat the fruit whole.  The benefits of consuming juiced fruits and veggies include keeping your heart, liver and kidneys strong and healthy.

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Rhubarb-Carrot Juice

Prep Times:

5 minutes


1 serving


8 large fresh carrots
1 cup sliced rhubarb. leaves removed
1 large fresh mint sprig
1 fresh cut lemon


1. Juice together in the order given; stir the juice to mix the flavors.

Note: Be sure to remove the stems as they can contain poisonous substances.

13 thoughts on “Rhubarb-Carrot Juice”

  1. The recipe states “stems removed”. The stem is the part you eat, so you probably meant ‘leaves removed”. The leaves are quite toxic and should never be eaten!

  2. i just tried this using my breville juice fountain. I’ve never had Rhubarb before but i bought 2 stalks earlier today. I googled this recipe specifically to use the rhubarb. I made this recipe after i made my other juices. I make several different juices at one time, bottle each and keep them in the fridge(i drink two/day). I only planned to sample this and then bottling it for tomorrow. After two sips, i couldn’t stop. I just called my daughter and asked her to stop at the store on her way home for more rhubarb…best i can describe the flavor … it was sorta like an orange colored lemonade with a hint of mint lol.

  3. @Cookie428 you definitely need that many carrots to balance out the bitterness.

    This is a pretty good recipe! I’d like a few more rhubarb recipes… I was thinking something with sweet pineapple!

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