Fitness Friday: What is Horizontal Conditioning?

Have you heard of Horizontal Conditioning? My friend, Sandra Koulourides, is the creator of this challenging, body defining workout. She teaches in Birmingham, Alabama, but she has 8 workout DVDS and a monthly Horizontal Club where members get a new workout every month. Check Sandra out and my interview with her below:

1. What is Horizontal Conditioning?

Horizontal Conditioning is a core intense total body workout that uses body weight for resistance.  It builds muscular strength and endurance from head to toe, especially in the core.  It targets the abdominal area like no other workout.    Horizontal Conditioning gives you lean and defined muscles, not bulky ones.

2. Why do you think this type of exercise is so beneficial?

Horizontal works so well because you are holding your body weight up against gravity.  This causes the deepest abdominal muscles to become activated, so that you truly are toning your body from the inside out.  It pushes you outside of your comfort zone, which is why it works.   The results you get from Horizontal are like wearing a corset or “SPANX” all day long.  It constricts your middle like nothing else.

3. Can anyone do this exercise?

Horizontal Conditioning is a challenging workout no matter what your fitness level.   Beginners need to start with the Getting Started DVD and do it on their knees.  As they get stronger, they can progress to their toes and try one of the more advanced dvds.  They key is to just take that first step and start.  It is hard, and you will feel it, but that is why it works!  Keep doing it!

5. What is the best tip to get started?

Horizontal needs to be done 3 times per week for a minimum of 10-20 minutes.  The Getting Started series of dvds are all 10-20 minute workouts.  Within 5-6 weeks you will see changes in your body, especially your abdominals.

6. What are you best fitness tips?

*Be consistent – you will not see changes if you are not consistent

*Don’t be scared of a challenge – that is how your body changes. You can do so much more than you think you can

*Don’t be a cardio junkie – You gotta have muscle.  Muscle gives your body shape and definition.  Muscle turns on your metabolism

7 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: What is Horizontal Conditioning?”

  1. I never knew it was called this, but OMG it’s such a good workout.

    btw-based on your last post about Barre workouts, I went and took my first class-loved it! And it kicked my booty!

  2. Wow, that looks intense! I only have time for my running, these days and I am not about to give that up, especially when training for a half-marathon, but I should incorporate some of this too!

  3. I haven’t seen Sandra in a long time, but I know her! She has ALWAYS been so fit and trim … I did her Muscleworks class at the Y back when she was teaching that, and it nearly killed me. And I wasn’t pregnant and she was like 8 months pregnant, still going strong. Incredible!

  4. I’ve never heard of horizontal conditioning although a lot of the exercises look like something I’ve seen before. Definitely need to incorporate more of these types of exercise into my exercise routine.

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