How to Maintain Your Weight During the Holidays

I was so excited last week to be asked to be on a very popular radio station in Birmingham, WMJJ Magic 96.5, and do a show on “Tips for Eating healthy during the holidays”. Before I went on the air, I thought about what I do personally, and I asked some of my friends on Facebook and Twitter for their input. The thing to remember is to eat everything in moderation. Also, make good food choices (such as my favorite Winter Radicchio Salad with Pomegranates). The radio show was so popular that I will be doing a monthly radio show with them, and I am so excited about that!

Here’s my list of Top 10 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips:

1. Exercise during the holidays.

2. Before you leave your house, eat a small snack and eat small meals throughout the day so you’re not binging at night

3. Eat breakfast on Thanksgiving and Xmas morning

4. Eat only what you love at the holiday table

5. Don’t rush to eat. Socialize as much as you can, but do it away from the holiday table.

6. If you’re drinking alchohol, drink a nonalcoholic version first

7. Drink a lot of water that day so it makes you feel full

8. Eat veggies everywhere you can, and fill your plate up with a lot of them

9. If there are 2 plate sizes, put your meal on a salad or dessert plate

10. When you’re done eating, wait and don’t go back for more.

9 thoughts on “How to Maintain Your Weight During the Holidays”

  1. All great tips. ANd for those of us on a specialized diet, either for health reasons (me!) or for weight loss, I’d add to prepare ahead of time, bringing your own little snacks if you need to, so you aren’t so hungry that you are tempted to eat the things that will derail you! I always bring a little bag of nuts, so that I can reach for them if I am tempted by sugary items.

  2. Thank you for your motivation!! I love this. I brought a huge veggie tray to Thanksgiving this year b/c we were eating so late…also brought a couple of roasted side veggies to a casserole heavy dinner! It’s so hard to balance and just give in, but it’s worth the effort.
    Hope you and your family had a great holiday!

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