Tennis Anyone? What Tennis and Love Have in Common

About seven years ago, I learned how to play tennis. My son was taking lessons, and when his friend didn’t come one afternoon, the tennis pro (Bob), asked me to give it a try. He pumped me up telling me that I seemed “like a natural”, and that started the next several years of my tennis addiction. I played almost every day, moved up from level to level, attended two state tournaments, and become a compete tennis fanatic. I loved so many things about playing tennis: meeting new people, making new friends, the competition, the challenge, and honestly, the clothes. I loved playing a team sport which I really never had done when I was young. Tennis gave me a certain confidence, and it helped me focus and exercise my memory. Two years ago, I gave it up for various reasons of family, work and burn-out. Friends and family often ask me, “Will you ever play again?” I hope and think so, but not to the level as before. Tennis is a great sport for so many reasons. I thought I would share why some of my closest friends love this great sport.


Love this quote: “Love is nothing in tennis, but in life it’s everything.” Author Unknown

Stephanie: “It’s therapeutic especially after becoming a first time mom. You get to exercise and have fun at the same time. I have made great friends through tennis.”

Nancy: “Tennis is a great weight bearing exercise that uses muscles I don’t use every day. It’s very social. It’s a great way to meet people, talk and exercise all at the same time. The clothes are so cute.”

Amy: “I love tennis for the exercise, camaraderie, competition. I can play as I age, and there’s always room to improve.”

Steven: “I enjoy the competition, strategy and friendships I have made.”

Vanessa: “I love to have a little competition in my life. It’s pure fun.”

Megan: “I LOVE tennis because it is exercise that doesn’t feel like it. It can be competitive or not.”

Jon: “Tennis is competitive and strategic. It helps you think on your feet. It releases aggression, and it helps with coordination.”

Heidi: “Tennis is a great life sport. I love it for the exercise and camaraderie.

Angie: “Tennis gives me a great sense of accomplishment when I play well. It is great exercise, and I have made great friendships through tennis.”

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15 thoughts on “Tennis Anyone? What Tennis and Love Have in Common”

  1. Love this post Alison! I had no idea you used to play tennis.

    I played on my high school tennis team back in the day, it was such a commitment back then. But I guess the four state championships were worth it in some way. When I started college, I put my rackets away – too burnt out to play anymore, and I haven’t really played much since.

    If you pick tennis up again, maybe we can play a few sets together sometime! That would be so fun 🙂

  2. Love this post! I’ve been itching to play lately. I took lessons on and off in the past, but never played long enough to get good at it! such a great sport

  3. I love this post! I’ve just started playing recently and absolutely love it! Next time you’re in town, we should hit some balls! The shirts are adorable!!

  4. Fantastic post Alison. You should definitely return to tennis. I think it sounds like you really want to. Great shirts! I am buying some

  5. I picked up tennis a few years before my youngest was born, then gave it up but am thinking about playing some paddle tennis for a change. I always did like the cute tennis outfits though!

  6. LOVE this! Your first paragraph made me miss tennis so much. I played in high school and college, but not so much anymore because without joining a club, it’s hard to find people to play with. Next time we see each other at a blog conference, let’s bring our rackets! 😉

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