10 Reasons Why to Love Yoga

I have been taking yoga classes for about 10 years, and I’m a fan. Bikram yoga is my yoga of choice. Bikram yoga was designed by Bikram Choudhury, who learned yoga at the age of 3, and after a crippling accident, he found that 26 certain postures restored his health. All 26 postures are done in the same exact order every class in a heated room up to 105 degrees, and they are said to work every part of the body. The heat improves and enhances flexibility, flushes the toxins from the body, improves your overall fitness and increases your immune system (not to mentions helps to reduce your weight). Many forms of yoga exist, and you have to find what is right for you. Whichever type you choose, here is why you should love yoga:

1. It gives you energy-Hatha yoga is one of the only types of exercise that actually increases your energy levels. It works the body from the inside out and strengthens the organs getting everything to function normally. One specific pose in Bikram yoga is said to be equivalent to 8 hours of sleep. I don’t know if I believe this, but I do know that I have more energy after a class. On the nights I do yoga, I have this incredible energy buzz, and I always wake up early feeling extra rested.

2. It takes your mind off everything. Yoga is meditative. It also enhances concentration and focus while teaching you how to stay in the present moment.

3. It puts me in a better mood. Yoga increases oxygen to the brain which makes you feel better and is said by medical experts to even help fight depression.

4. Yoga gives you strength. Yoga helps elongate muscles and creates great looking tone to the muscles in the body.

5. It relieves stress. It helps me be mindful of breathing so when I am in stressful situations, I can deal with them even better. It truly gives me peace.

6. Increases balance, clears the mind and the soul. Balance postures really help you strengthen your body such as standing on one leg.

7. Improves your posture.

8. Yoga reduces your risk of sports injury-Yoga is a great way to gain flexibility which helps reduce risks of injury from other sports.

9. Yoga strengthens your back. When I first started doing yoga, a few friends asked me what type of strength training I was doing for my back. Yoga is the answer.

10. It’s a a great workout. I love doing yoga because it’s a wonderful workout. I honestly feel like I have worked every bone and muscle in my body. I think it only enhances my other sport activities and also enhances my work, my relationships and mood.

Note: The yoga tank above is from 59 Splits.


17 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why to Love Yoga”

  1. Can you believe last year was my first year for Yoga? I have a #11 for you. It feels like a massage! My only problem was sticking to it because it would take about 2 hours by the time I drove there and back. BUT … I never felt better. I work out early in am’s (530 yikes!). Have a fun day today. Let me know if you try the roasted strawberries. 🙂

  2. L-O-V-E yoga. Last night I did “candlelight yoga” by Crunch. Simple stuff, but perfect right before going to bed.

    Just remember to blow out the candles, yeaaaah.

  3. I’ve not had much experience with yoga (Wii and a few poses from my chiropractor. I always feel refreshed, loose, more prepared for whatever I have next. I know it’s not yoga, but I have an exercise band at work and try to run through a few stretches. I could probably incorporate a couple simple poses to create more energy for the day.

    Love the recipe posts, and I agree with an earlier commenter–these fitness pieces are great!

  4. Thank you all of you. Bev that candlelight yoga sounds amazing! I am going to have to look out for that in town

  5. big, BIG fan of yoga although i’ve not done the Bikram in the heated room . . . i’m not a heat person so not sure i could handle it . . . yoga and machine pilates are my exercise of choice – i do feel restored and balanced, both physically and mentally!

  6. Yoga makes me happy. When I do it consistently I see such a difference in my mood, posture and strength! My body responds to yoga so much better than weights. Great post!

  7. awesome post..glad you re-linked it.

    I agree with everything you said. My life changed 12 yrs or so ago when i set foot in my first yoga class and I knew I had to become certified to teach. I love yoga; for all that it does for me both on and off the mat!

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