Kid’s Halloween Cupcake Fun

I love doing fun cooking activities with the kids, and my daughter, Leigh, and I have been researching fun ideas on how to decorate Halloween cupcakes. We asked one of her very best (and very talented) friends, Eloise, to come join the fun and to spend the afternoon decorating Halloween cupcakes. We gathered some of our favorite Halloween ingredients, and the two of them went to work (with none of my help). This is so easy for anyone to do. Just start by baking your own favorite cupcake recipe, or save time by picking up store-bought ones that aren’t already iced. Then, purchase some of your favorite candy along with some Betty Crocker Icing.

The kids were very focused and worked carefully on each cupcake. They helped each other and researched designs on the internet before starting.

Leigh licked her fingers on just a few occasions. Eloise said, “Someone might actually eat these.” It was so funny and adorable.

Eloise has been one of Leigh’s best friends since preschool. She is so creative, methodical and precise (and quite photogenic, as well).

What a smile. This is what cooking with kids is truly all about.

For the skeleton (pictured below) Eloise took a regular size marshmallow for the head and Betty Crocker icing for the body. For the eyes, she used “Reese’s Pieces“. For the mouth, she used chocolate icing. If you have some Tic-Tacs, they work great for the legs and arms instead of icing.

For Rest in Peace Cupcake (below), Eloise used the vanilla half of a “Head and Tails Oreos” for the headstone and Betty Crocker Orange Decorating Gel for the lettering. The remainder was made with chocolate sprinkles on top of white icing.

For the Monster Mouth Cupcakes (see below), Leigh used white and yellow  Betty Crocker Icing and Reese’s Pieces for the eyes.

Leigh was very proud of this Candy Corn Cupcake (below). She used Betty Crocker yellow and white icing and candy corns for decoration. These were a hit for sure! My dog, Latte, even stole one when we weren’t looking, and he even ate the cupcake paper too…ooops.

What a fun afternoon with the kids. I hope we have given you some fun and creative ideas for Halloween.

21 thoughts on “Kid’s Halloween Cupcake Fun”

  1. What a great idea! You could and should have given a class. I love your ideas, and this is an awesome blogpost. Great photos FYI

  2. Thanks mom!! This was soooo fun!!!! The candy corn cupcake was the best!!!(Although one ended up falling on the table… what a mess)!!!

  3. CUTE! when you’re busy it’s way too easy to dismiss the kids from the kitchen. You’ve just made a fabulous point of how much they enjoy it and …then because they do…of course we do! How else do they learn? cheers kari

  4. Such darling pictures! The cupcakes turned out so cute and the girls obviously had a great time creating them.

    PS I agree that my precious namesake is both talented and photogenic. She takes after her wonderful mother!

  5. Oh. So cute! The two ladies are cute too! I bet my kids will definitely want to make this over the weekends! Thanks for sharing this one here. Now, my daughters will be inspired to move in the kitchen!

  6. This one is so cool. I am a teacher and I am looking for an activity that my kids will surely enjoy. I found it here in your post. My kids will surely truly enjoy this baking activity of yours.

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