Easy as Can Be: Brownie S’Mores


Recently, Naturally Nora, a company specializing in all natural baking mixes, asked me to experiment with some of their mixes. Their cake mixes, brownie mixes and frostings have no artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives or hydrogenated oil. I was so excited to try their mixes. My kids went nuts over their brownie mix, and it worked great in this simple Brownie S’mores recipe. It was so fun to make these with the kids-a wonderful summertime afternoon project.

Brownie S'mores

Cook Time:

45 to 50 minutes

Prep Times:

10 minutes


Makes 20 servings


1 box Brownie Mix (I used Naturally Nora)
2 cups mini marshmallows
20 full graham crackers, halved


1. Prepare brownie mix according to package directions. Let cool and cut into 1-inch squares.

2. Preheat oven to broil.

3. Place 10 graham cracker halves on an aluminum-lined large baking sheet. Place individual brownie squares on each graham cracker half. Top each brownie with 11/2 tablespoons marshmallows. Broil with electric door partially opened for 1 minute or until marshmallows look golden and roasted. Top with remaining graham cracker and press down slightly. Serve immediately.

Note: You can also cook these on indirect heat over the grill.

5 thoughts on “Easy as Can Be: Brownie S’Mores”

  1. Ooh La La! Those look like Smore heaven! I never have thought there was enough chocolate in a S’more, but I do believe this would take care of that complaint.

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