My Top 13 Dinnertime Quick Tips


I spent the past few days in Park City, Utah at EVO, a social media conference for women, and it was an amazing thing. I will tell you more about it this week with photos, etc. I realized I’m not alone being a social media junkie, addicted to twitter. Twitter is a wonderful thing (for too many reasons to mention at the moment), but every day I meet new and interesting people and find great blogs and websites. I was fortunate enough to meet Christine from on twitter, and she asked me to do a guest post on my tips on how I get dinner on the table when I’m an extremely busy entrepreneur and mom with 3 children. Here are some of my favorite tips I shared with her. Check out her site (above) for 20 minute recipes and wonderful information. Here’s the link to my guest post


1. I like to purchase chicken cutlets or thinly slices boneless pork loin chops because they cook much quicker.

2. I get my kids involved in making dinner and helping out. (See my Fresh Basil and Red Pepper Tuna Salad)

3. I like to purchase already peeled and deveined shrimp or frozen shrimp that has been peeled and deveined. (See my Shrimp-Dill Salad)

4. I love to cook with shelled edamame beans. (See my Edamame Corn Salad)

5. I use rotisserie chicken a ton when recipes call for chopped, cooked chicken. (See my Tortellini Chicken Salad)

6. I love to grill a lot. It’s quick and easy. If I can’t get outside, I love my grill pan over the stove.

7.  I used ready-made pizza crusts alot and purchase lots of fresh vegetables, good tomato sauce, pesto and fresh herbs for toppings.

8. Panini makers and slow cookers are a life saver.

9. I like to prep while my kids are at school so my nights aren’t so crazy (of course, in summer, that’s not so easy).

10. I use precut carrots and bagged, washed greens.

11. I make very organized grocery lists.

12. When I grill salmon, steak or chicken, I grill extra for a main-dish salad the next night.

13. When I purchase hamburger (beef or turkey meat), I buy extra to also make a meatloaf for another night.

3 thoughts on “My Top 13 Dinnertime Quick Tips”

  1. Alison, it was great to meet you at EVO!

    I love your dinnertime tips. We also grill a lot, which helps to put a healthy and tasty meal on the table in record time. My kids are also my best sous chefs and taste-testers.

  2. It was great meeting you too! That food workshop was a blast! My kids are great taste-testers as well so I appreciate you pointing that out. I’m glad someone else is lucky enough to have that because kids have brilliant minds and surprise me daily!

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