Three Ingredient Easy Treats: Chocolate Turtle Candies


One of my subscribers from Florida, Melanie, asked me to make these delicious treats and put them up on my blog. I wasn’t familiar with this recipe or idea, but some people are. If you haven’t ever seen this, you will love it. They are only 3 ingredients, and everyone loves them. I taught a private cooking lesson today for an amazing and adorable second grader, and she even said, “What a great party idea!”

Chocolate Turtle Candies

Cook Time:

3 minutes

Prep Times:

5 minutes


24 candies


24 small pretzels
24 Rolo candies
24 whole pecans


1. Preheat oven to 350F.

2. Place pretzels on a large nonstick baking sheet. Top each evenly with rolos. Place in oven and bake 3 minutes or until slightly melted. Remove from oven and immediately place whole pecan on top, pushing down to melt chocolate. Let cool completely before serving.

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