Iron Chef in Training: My Cooking Class with Lillian


Yesterday, I had so much fun with Lillian! I was asked to do a private one-on-one cooking class for Lillian, an incredibly talented second grader for one of her birthday presents. She has a passion for cooking, and wow was she fabulous! I tailored the class specifically for her, and we made an array of healthy snacks, desserts and she even decorated these awesome cupcakes for Halloween. We set up the food for a photo-shoot, just like I do on the set with national food magazines, such as Southern Living. We prop-styled, food styled and critiqued the photos. If you’re interested in this type of class for your child, parent-child, groups of four, college age, newlyweds or yourself, contact me for more information.IMG_2602

3 thoughts on “Iron Chef in Training: My Cooking Class with Lillian”

  1. Allison, wonderful job with Lillian B., my neighbor’s sweet grand daughter. Good idea for children, or for us adults! Will keep this in mind.

  2. Love getting your emails weekly. Recipes are easy, family-friendly and most of them are low fat and healthy. Always happy when you incorporate your kids in them and nthat inspires me to cook more with my kids. Love the updated website and all it’s colors.

  3. Hello Mrs. Allison, I am 15 years old and me and my mom have been going through alot for a while and we are not as close as we us to be, I want to take up a mother daughter cooking class with her so that can make us close again. I live in Detroit, MI and I was wondering if you can give me any ideas on that or where i can go to take a cooking class with her? thankyou 🙂

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