Christmas, December 25th, Much Thanks!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! December 25th is a very special day in many ways for everyone, but for me, it is also 2 months for the launch of my food blog, I am amazed that over 14,000 people have looked at my food blog in just 2 short months. It has also led me to new friends, new clients, television appearances and so much more. Thank you to all of those who have supported me, subscribed, given me wonderful feedback, given me advice, offered ideas, suggestions and questions (Natalie, Meredith, Jamie, Julie, Carlie, Bradley, Charles, Eric, Amy S., Lisa G., Jennifer B., Steven, Kathy, Kelly, Maria, Janet, Jeff, Doug, Lisa E., Patti, Susan, Heidi, Ruth and Andrew, Amy H., Amy K., Penny, Danny and Paige L., Stuart and Betsy M., Danny and Mur F, Kim, Bob, Melissa, Vicki, Katia, and if I forgot one, forgive me). I also thank those of you who have taken the time to make comments, and the food websites, such as and, who have written about me and my recipes in such a positive way. Lastly, I thank my family and close friends for bearing with me (you know who you are), allowing me to spend and focus so much of my time and energy to create wonderful content that people seem to love. Happy Holidays again! Best, Alison

P.S. This is a photo taken of my daughter, Leigh and me over Thanksgiving. 

4 thoughts on “Christmas, December 25th, Much Thanks!”

  1. Alison, Happy Holidays (Merry Christmas) Good Luck for 2009 especially for your “new site” I found your site by accident, I was brought up on Polish Platzkee_ excuse the spelling -& I am looking forward to trying your recipe for same – Mum & Dad ate them with sour cream I love them sprinkled with sugar I am in Sydney Australia & I am looking forward to reading your new site in the future AGAIN Good Luck Barbra Krystyna Michnowski, in Bondi Junction Australia

  2. We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished so quickly!
    The site has been fun and fruitful. I am not a cook, but I truly appreciate recipes that are delicious and oh so easy. (Life is too short to spend too much time in the kitchen – there’s a great big world out there to enjoy!) Happy Holidays to you and your all of the subscribers!

  3. Your blog has become my “go to site” when I need some new food ideas. I have so many of your recipes saved that I can’t wait to try. When you cook for a family of five most nights it’s easy to run out of ideas and get bored. I enjoy cooking and your site has inspired me with all kinds of new things to try. I look forward to getting your posts! Happy Holidays to you!

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