Leigh and Me Cook

   Many of you who have read my blog today asked about what “Leigh and Me Cook” is…..

   Leigh is my 9 year-old daughter who I call little “Martha”. Leigh is ahead of her time and passing me by quickly. She makes her own smoothies everyday, homemade omelets cooked to order, cookies, cakes, cupcakes and wonderful chocolate-dipped strawberries. She can cut garlic and fresh herbs just as well as I.

   The recipes filed under this category will be recipes or products that Leigh loves and can make all by herself with minimal assistance. I thought those of you who have children might love some of these ideas to get your kids cooking and interested and knowledgeable about food.

   I have to be honest. Some days she “shows” me up in the kitchen which can by a little scary! She loves the pizza and crust in today’s earlier blog, and she recommends it highly! 

Look for her Simple Chocolate Cake coming soon! A good friend of mine (who has exceptional taste in food) calls it “AWESOME”!

1 thought on “Leigh and Me Cook”

  1. Alison,

    I love your website! The recipes look yummy and I love the Leigh and me section!

    I think of you constantly and hope ou are living as you wish…peace, fun, and good health!

    Hang in there sister!

    (get my # from Nat if you want to talk!)

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