Tuesday Travel: Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa

Looking for a health and wellness gem in the south? Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa, a 650-acre state-of-the-art private wellness spa and weight loss health program, is located in Miami.  Complete with exceptional fitness trainers, award winning chefs, nutritionists and renowned spa treatments, its medical success has been documented in over 100 medical journals and it remains one of the only non-hospital Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation centers in the country.  The center boasts tons of experts from health to nutrition and fitness to spa and wellness.  Accommodations and program highlights include:  gourmet and waist-slimming meals, customized exercise classes, healthy living workshops and a luxury spa with exquisite treatments.  People from all over the world travel to Pritikin to get their health back on track and get their bodies back in shape. Sounds great, huh?

The Pritikin Program and staff have helped visitors reverse their symptoms of heart disease and diabetes, eliminate the use of medication and prevent future heart-related problems through lifestyle and dietary changes.

Check their website for more information, please visit www.pritikin.com. Who wants to meet there?