My 5 Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Pie

So sorry I have been missing in action! I went from Italy to Hawaii to Disney then to Atlanta (all in 6 weeks), but I am baaaaackk! Thanksgiving is only 4 days away so I thought I would make it quick, easy and and offer up my 5 favorite Thanksgiving recipes. These are always on my holiday menu, and I know you’ll love them! I hope everyone is getting exciting about Thanksgiving because I am!

Oatmeal Chocolate Pecan Pie via Ingredients, Inc.

Rosemary Thyme Citrus Rub

Rosemary Thyme Citrus Rub via Ingredients, Inc. 

My Favorite Cornbread Dressing

My favorite Cornbread Dressing via Ingredients, Inc.

Sweet Potato Casserole

Classic Sweet Potato Casserole via Ingredients Inc.

Fall Quinoa Salad

Fall Quinoa Salad via Ingredients Inc.

Classic Sweet Potato Casserole: Lightened Up Thanksgiving Side Dish

My friend, Laura, from New York asked me the other day about my Thanksgiving menu. I told her that it’s pretty traditional including our Classic Sweet Potato Casserole. She asked if there were marshmallows on top, and I laughed because this recipe doesn’t need any marshmallows. My sister, Julie, makes this Classic Sweet Potato Casserole every year on Thanksgiving. Most every year, she has to make two just so we are sure to have leftovers. What I love about this recipe is that you can make it ahead of time, and it freezes beautifully. Take it out the day before Thanksgiving and thaw it in the refrigerator. I photographed this recipe as it was thawing, and when I posted it on Facebook everyone commented how lovely it was. I spent some time lightening her recipe using just egg whites, low-fat condensed milk and reducing the sugar, and you can’t tell any flavor difference. ¬†Trust me on this one-it’s divine. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and thank you for your continued support!