Coconut Crusted French Toast

My summer has been amazing, and last week I was beyond lucky to be in the British Virgin Islands at Peter Island Resort & Spa. It was definitely a bucket list trip, and one of the most relaxing and incredible places I have ever been. The beauty, service, and food at Peter Island is indescribable. On my last day, I had to try their signature breakfast dish, Jean Kelley’s Coconut Crusted French Toast.  When I got home, I asked for the recipe, and I could not wait to share with y’all. Jean, a native of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, has been with Peter Island Resort for over twenty years. Jean embodies the soul and passion of the true Peter Island service. Jean never forgets a guest regardless of how many years have passed between their visits. They say if  you leave Peter Island without trying one of Jean’s Coconut Crusted French Toast or cookies, you haven’t really experienced the island. Jean is also told by many repeat guests that she keeps them coming back year after year. Peter Island is fortunate to have employees like Jean who shows their dedication to delight every guest ever day, one at a time. I hope you’ll enjoy this recipe as much as I did, and put Peter Island on your travel list!

10 Reasons Why to Travel To Scrub Island

If you’re looking for a place to completely disconnect, clear you mind and revitalize, I have the answer. After coming off huge work deadlines for food and travel media clients and the first issue of the launch of Healthy Travel magazine in March, my trip to Scrub Island couldn’t have come at a better time. Whether you’re looking for a family getaway or romantic retreat, this special private island has something for everyone. Here are the top 10 reasons why to visit Scrub Island:

  1. Its Beauty-You will enjoy some of the most breathtaking views in the British Virgin Islands from any room, suite or villa on the island. Relish the picturesque views of the marina, the beaches and mountainous views.
  2. Complete Relaxation- The newest private island resort built in the British Virgin Islands in over 15 years, Scrub island is peacefulness at its finest.
  3. Terrific Service- You’ll experience optimum service at Scrub Island. From the moment you step off the Scrub Island Ferry, you’ll be hosted by the friendliest and most hospitable staff. No detail is left undone.
  4. Sublime Spa-Set in a 3-bedroom villa, the Ixora Spa is the perfect location for spa bliss. Come early and relax poolside by the infinity pool overlooking the ocean. Choose from a huge variety of spa services. I loved the Eterno Massage, a signature deep tissue combined with heat to relax the spin and the mind. I was also lucky enough to receive fresh aloe from a little too much time in the sun.
  5. Beaches Enjoy your choice of three beaches on Scrub Island. The beach alongside the marina is called Pavilion Beach where you can relax with easy access to the main pool or restaurants. You can also take a kayak from there to honeymoon beach which is an amazing private setting. If you want more seclusion, head to North Beach where all you can hear is the surf. Be sure to have grab a drink and have lunch at One Shoe Beach Bar located on North Beach.
  6. Food and Beverages-Chef Davide Pulgliese, is a star on his own. From Florence to Utah, his knowledge and creativity is unparalleled. Some of my favorite offerings (although I loved everything) were the Homemade Muesli for breakfast, Watermelon Carpaccio with Fresh Beet appetizer, and Grilled Salmon with Guava Glaze served with Sweet Potato Mash. Scrub Island also offers creative Caribbean beverage list. One of my local favorites the Ting and dark rum (Ting is a Jamaican carbonated grapefruit beverage). See more information on Davide in the February issue of Coastal Living Magazine.
  7. Water-Sports– Enjoy two pools at Scrub Island. One, with a swim-up bar and a slide, and the other, with an infinity pool and hot tub. Be sure to check out Dive BVI and their fabulous programs such as sailing lessons for kids, daily excursions such as island hopping, paddle boarding, snorkeling, kayaking and the beachside water trampoline.
  8. The Accommodations-You’ll enjoy luxurious and large accommodations with tremendous bathrooms filled with extra large sunken in tubs and stand up showers. Every suite is equipped with a top of a line kitchen with a wolf cooktop and oven, subzero refrigerator, washer and dryers and spacious closets.
  9. Location, Location, Location-Only a 15-minute ferry ride from Tortola, Scrub Island is perfectly tucked in the BVI, only a short boat ride to many other beautiful islands.
  10.  Versatility-Whether you are on your honeymoon, need to fuel romance in your life or want to take a family getaway with kids, Scrub Island fills every need with ease, beauty and hospitality. I can’t wait to go back!

For more information see Scrub Island or call 877-890-7444. Look them on Facebook or twitter. Email me anytime if you want to hear more or see my photos on Twitter and Facebook.