5 Reasons To Start Yoga Now

Here are 5 Reasons to Try Yoga Now:

I’ve been doing yoga for over 10 years, and it has so many incredible health benefits, which I have learned from personal experience. Here are 5 simple reasons to try yoga today:

1. It gives you energy-Hatha yoga is one of the only types of exercise that actually increases your energy levels. It works the body from the inside out and strengthens the organs getting everything to function normally. I feel so much more alive, energetic and focused after class. It really has helped me be a better parent as well as more focused in my profession. Yoga is said to help manage sleep problems and fatigue, and I truly believe this. On the days I do yoga, I have the most peaceful night of sleep.

2. It takes your mind off everything-Yoga is meditative. It also enhances concentration and focus while teaching you how to stay in the present moment. Doing it clears the mind, relieves stress and puts you in a better mood. I have learned this first hand, being a business owner, having 3 children and ill parents. Yoga has truly been a saving grace for me. Doing yoga is time spent where I am only focusing on myself. Nobody can text, call, talk or interrupt me. My yoga instructor always says, “The world will wait for you until you’re done” which is so true.

3. Yoga enhances your strength and tone-Yoga helps elongate muscles and creates great looking tone to the muscles in the body. Balance postures really help you strengthen your body such as standing on one leg. I definitely have achieved a leaner, toned body and see the changes it has created. It also greatly improves your posture and strengthens your entire spine. I am leaning forward most of the day at a desk writing, cooking or doing photography. Doing backbends brings my posture and spine back in line.

4. It’s a great workout-Yoga is a low impact workout that works every bone, muscle, tendon and cell in your body. Stretching the muscles increases your strength and endurance. I think of yoga as just another form of working out. I will substitute a yoga class for any other workout.

5. Yoga reduces your risk of sports injury-Yoga is a great way to gain flexibility, and it can help reduce risks of injury from other high impact sports. I am a runner, cyclist and tennis player. Doing yoga keeps me stretching and allows me to be able to continue being active in these other sports injury free.

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15 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Start Yoga Now”

  1. This is a great post and reminds me why I need to get back in the habit of doing yoga daily. Last year I was doing it almost daily, lost weight and felt great… then I took a few too many business trips and got out of the groove… I need to get my butt back on track! thanks for the reminder!

  2. I just started yoga this month and I’m hooked! I so wish I’d started years ago instead of running and other types of workouts that have left me with a bum knee and shoulder injury. In just one month I feel more energy, stand up straighter and sleep better! Thanks for this fabulous post that confirms I made the right choice.

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