Kid’s Creations at Valentine Cooking Class: Valentine Cupcakes


Wow, what a busy weekend! I don’t think I realized how busy until just now when I sat and thought about it. Between baking dozens and dozens of Valentine cookies (i think 25 dozen?), working on a recipe contest that I’m judging, taking 8 of my daughter’s friends to dinner for her birthday and a Valentine cooking class, need I say more? I also ran a part in the Mercedes Marathon, tested 2 grilling recipes for a grilling project and oh, I forgot more and more laundry from the kids playing out in the snow. One of the highlights of the Kid’s Valentine Cooking class (and my daughter’s party), was when they decorated cupcakes with all types of Valentine Candy. This one was the hit (by my daughter, Leigh). Sorry, I can’t share the recipe for the cupcake. It’s a hidden treasure.

3 thoughts on “Kid’s Creations at Valentine Cooking Class: Valentine Cupcakes”

  1. Loved the V-day party!!!! The kids left with a plate full of treats!!! I am not sure which was the favorite… Seems to be a toss up between the “love passion” punch and the banana bread. Thanks again!!! It was a blast!!!!

  2. These are super cute. When you make your next cookbook this recipe would be a great addition. I am always looking for a great vanilla cupcake recipe.

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