Fans of Ingredients, Inc.


Who would have thought it? has a fan club on facebook! I really appreciate it, and I am amazed that in just a few weeks over 420 people have joined from all over the U.S, Australia and the Phillipines! I have been receiving so many phone calls and emails from friends and new friends about my blog.

It’s really funny. I started the blog because I had so many recipes in my files that I developed over the past 10 years, and I thought, why not share them with others? I’m also in the kitchen all of the time cooking for 3 kids, and I thought I could help others in a hurry get healthy food on the table fast. And, I hoped working on the blog would increase my photography skills, prop styling skills, food styling and writing skills. I just never imagined that I would have such a great response and that I would, or could, have created 9 television tapes in 2 months because of it. I have to admit…it’s hard work and very time-consuming. Ask any of my family members….I hope I can continue to create great content and to get the great response that you have given me.

Thanks again to the “fans”, and if you’re on facebook, I hope you will take a moment to join the club on facebook and subscribe to receive daily e-mails in the upper right hand side on my blog. ┬áPlease continue to pass the blog along to your friends and family members. Best, Alison

2 thoughts on “Fans of Ingredients, Inc.”

  1. Just made the easy molten lava cakes last night for our family’s Valentine’s dinner. . . everyone thought it was SO fancy, and I know better — awesome recipe. Love getting them in my inbox each morning!!
    Wishing you all the best —

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